0046: Expand Your Audition Options By Taking Inventory Of Your (Creative) Assets



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

We are often so hell-bent to move forward and create new opportunities, possibilities, creations, products, paths and more, that we sometimes forget what we’ve already created for ourselves in the past.

And when we let these creations slip our minds, we narrow the chances of being able to apply those finished products we have in our creative inventories to our current needs.

It’s worth going through our storage systems every so often and reviewing what we’ve actually done already, and remind ourselves just how vast our inventory of accomplishments actually are. I’ll show you how in this video.

Ever pull something out of your past and use it for a current project? Or maybe realized after the fact that you could have used a character you created a while back? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Very valuable. I found this interesting because I recently started doing a method much like the character spreadsheet you suggest for audiobooks. For a current book I’m narrating, I made a subfolder in the client folder of the rights holder and named it Characters. I then put subfolders titled for each character of the book. I drop in a short snippet of the first time each character shows up. It gives me a reference of my styling the next time the character shows up in the manuscript. This book has a lot of different characters and some only show sporadically. It’s keep my head from spinning trying to remember them all!

      1. That’s good stuff for sure. I’ve already used up my free hours, but I am exploring Pozotron a bit more. Budget is budget, esp. starting over again, so I’m cautiously looking at where I’m getting the best ROI on expenses. Thanks, David!