How Lazy Can You Be?

Hey there!

You’ve seen, heard and read tons and tons of advice about how to be more productive.

I’d like to show you how to be more productive and smarter…by being lazier than you already are. Seriously, I want to give you a beautiful permission slip to stop the madness and do absolutely nothing.

Like I do when I watch Judge Judy.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and in this series of one-a-day videos
I’ve spoken an awful lot about ways to
be better at what you do be more
productive be more successful look at
things in a slightly different way and I
fear that some of what I have said and
the approach that I have made may have
you thinking that the goal is to be
productive all the time to make optimum
effective massive use of all of your
time so that you get to the the finish
line faster and you’re really successful
you’ve seen a lot of advice not just
from me but from others about how to be
more productive but I’d like to show you
how to not only be more productive and
smarter but doing so by being a lazy sob
I’d like to give you this
this beautiful permission slip to slack
off and I’ll tell you why there’s a
difference between hard-charging 100% of
the time production and really being
effective at approaching what you do in
life with vigor and enthusiasm and heart
you know you should heart into it and
doing so giving yourself the opportunity
to recharge you know when you start
reading some of these articles watching
some of these videos about you know how
to take in more information and how to
use it better and how to you know be
bigger better better better faster
bigger you know you need science has
shown you can look it up on the internet
that you need downtime to be able to get
all of that information that you’ve
amassed and be able to make it work for
you you can gather a whole
stuff and feel very overwhelmed by it if
you don’t take the time to just back off
relax recharge and do a little bit of
what I call encoding and enriching so
for me it’s you know making a pattern I
can’t help myself it’s the three e’s you
experience something right you learn or
you acquire information or you get tips
and tricks or strategies and tactics you
experience something that adds to your
knowledge base and at some point you
have to stop that experience that
grabbing of things and just sit with it
let it enrich you by encoding it to what
you already know you know when you’re
learning how to do voiceover better
you’re learning how to do on-camera work
better you’re learning how to rehearse
better you’re learning how to do any
number of the things that we do as
performers and what anybody does in
their job there’s a reason why people
take breaks there’s a reason why we you
know take a break for lunch we take a
break to go stretch our legs
you know it’s during those times kind of
like you know and of course you know me
I work out all the time but I’ve heard
from people who do work out all the time
that to build muscle you have to push
really hard and then relax and let the
muscle repair itself and grow so the
downtime is almost as much of importance
as the pushing of the muscles and it’s
the same thing with anything else that
we do so you get a chance to just stop
getting the information and you encode
what you’ve gotten which then enriches
your whole knowledge base if you don’t
do that then you don’t have the
opportunity to encode your experience to
enrich yourself and a lot of that
experience is going to be forgotten
because you haven’t given it a chance to
stick and I’m telling you there are
times when you’ll feel guilty about
taking a break no I got a push I got a
drink in it you know you you feel guilty
you feel
you know ill-at-ease about the idea of
you know doing something where there’s
no tangible result moving you towards
success we tell you something every
single day I take a break and I watch
Judge Judy yeah that’s what I do and
I’ll tell you why I watched Judge Judy
because it takes no brain power
whatsoever to watch these poor people
yell at each other
um and sometimes me yell at the
television shut up she’s gonna throw you
out you know um it’s an excellent
opportunity to people-watch and to add
to my character base you know to add to
the ways that I can act when I’m asked
to do a particular type of character boy
have I learned characters on Judge Judy
because all walks of life come into that
room right it’s only about 20 minutes
fast-forwarding through what commercials
I don’t care about so it’s a nice break
I have a sip of cinnamon coffee you know
take my coffee I’ll sit down you know
and I’ll watch some Judge Judy oh yeah
no she doesn’t like that she doesn’t
like when renters do that mm-hmm mm-hmm
the thing is it’s kind of like this
silent benefit that the stuff that I’d
been doing the stuff that I’d been
learning the stuff that I’ve been
executing is now sinking in right it’s a
great people-watching exercise but while
I’m watching people I’m also thinking
about what I have coming up later on in
the day not not weighing heavy on my
mind but just what did I just do oh
that’s cool all right let me think about
that it’s kind of like when we take
showers right I think at another video
I’m gonna talk about what happens when
people take showers and why that
isolation well I’ll get into it in
another video but the point is I use
that time to process and code what I’ve
been gathering and enrich my base so
thank you Judge Judith Sheindlin for all
of your decisions and for giving me the
opportunity to be a better human being
has nothing to do with the cases that
you hear sometimes I think whoa what oh
come on but that’s my down that’s one of
my down times I like playing cat
video games I like doing a lot of things
that have nothing to do with 100% push
push push in my business and so I want
that for you I want to give you a
permission slip will you accept that
permission slip for me to just goof off
to just be a lazy slug and relax you
know not doing what you’re doing for a
moment so that you can do what you’re
doing better let me know if I can do
that in the comments below would you
like that that’s something that you like
is that something I can give you I’ll do
it I swear to god I’ll figure something
out if you have any questions about this
whole thing let me know in the comments
below as well if you want to sign up for
my my youtube channel my head is right
there and you can click on my head if
you’d like or you can click on a
subscribe button somewhere on the page
latest video that frame right there
click on it it’ll play I’m David H
Lawrence the 17th I really appreciate
you watching these one-a-day videos and
I’ll talk to you tomorrow



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  1. Hi David,

    OMG. Have you been following my life or what? 🙂 Hubby was just telling me the exact same message this past weekend. Between your earlier video about “Ready, Shoot, Aim”, and today – you are spot on for what I need to hear, good sir. Ramping up my new VO career after retiring last month, I am stressed and overwhelming myself with all things to get done to be successful.
    And yes, I will happily accept your permission slip.
    Keep up these wonderful daily talks; I’m truly enjoying hearing from you every day. Thank you so much!
    All the best!

  2. Cinnamon coffee – Me too! ☕️ I think you make a GREAT point here. I struggle with feeling guilty when I’m not producing, be it auditioning, working on my website, or looking for work. I’m such a maniacal multi-tasker that when I take the time to work on one aspect of my life or career, there’s that nagging voice telling me I should be getting back to the other 5 things on my list. So, in essence, it sometimes keeps me from fully engaging in the thing that I’m doing and that’s not good. I do need to be reminded how important it is to give myself the permission (and thank you for yours!) to just step away from the DOING and enjoy the KNOWING which can’t help but increase my productivity when I return to the doing!! Thanks, David. Now I’m gonna go watch the next episode of Grace and Frankie! LOL

  3. Downtime is very important. Couldn’t agree more. I lift Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so on the off days the muscle repairs itself. I try and schedule at least a 5 minute break for every hour I plug away at something. Thanks for the video David.

  4. Hi David,

    I took your virtual class via Acting Pros recent online seminar and we have similar backgrounds and paths to the land of Oz (LA), so I naturally gravitated towards your style, philosophies, and your audacity.

    Judge Judy is my spirit animal (JK) but seriously, I adore that show and her sayings. But you hit it on the head in the virtual class when you shared your path to really take time to learn. You said to give yourself the gift of time. That was a paradigm shift for me bc I have been on 10 here trying to “makeup for lost time”.

    Although the context of that statement was to to learn the craft and to work in various offices, this advice is the other side of the same coin.

    Thank you.