13132: Help People Work With You By Showing Them Exactly How

Hey there, hero!

One of the ways you can help people hire you is to show them how to work with you, and you can do that with a document or web page that shows them exactly how.

We sometimes forget that our customers may not even know how to take advantage of all that we offer.

An example is when you book an audiobook project, and you provide the author or publisher how you work, and what to expect.

It can set their mind at ease and help them decide to hire you…simply because you know what you’re doing and will take care of them.

Do your clients know exactly what your operating style is? Do they know all that you offer? Or how you work with clients in general? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. David,
    What an excellent idea. I need to do this. I already have a few ideas in my head but would like to know more about your template. Question: if I’m a graduate of the ACX Masterclass, will I too have access to the template once completed?

    1. All updates to the ACX Master Class coursework and offerings are available to students in the course when introduced, class members in future classes and to ACX Master Class Lifetime members – so I’d suggest considering joining the Lifetime membership. If you want info on becoming a lifetime member (either Gold or Pass, which will get you a lot more than just this on-boarding document – it gets you everything forever, and live class access if you choose Gold), go here: https://acxmasterclass.com/lifetime

  2. David, I am so excited about this. It is a great way to show your client about helpful things you offer like the pronunciation sheet and pick up sheet to communicate with each other about the audiobook. I share those thing with my rights holder already but a quick write up of how to use them would be helpful to any rights holder you work with.
    Thanks so much for this.