13129: Help Casting Make A Choice By YOU Making A Choice

Hey there, hero!

We often are fearful that if we don’t give our casting partners an awesome option (or a number of awesome options) in our auditions, we won’t give them what they really want.

As if we CAN even have the slightest notion of what they really want.

Instead, I’d like to make the case of being confident in our choices when we design our audition paths.

It’s not going to “make” them cast you, one way or the other…so be kind to yourself.

Do you worry that you’re not giving casting what they want? Or that your choices aren’t “good enough” for them to cast you? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Great reminder, David, that too much choice can be overwhelming or cause casting folks to do more work. Not too dissimilar to parenting – give your kids a very limited set of choices: Ice cream A or B. And, like VO, you give them the best ice cream around!