Go Wake Up Your Luck

Hey there!

A friend of mine shared with me a Persian proverb some 30 years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it: “Go wake up your luck.” And I’ve rarely found any proverb as useful or as true:

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
I was just in the middle of doing some
videos for rehearsal Pro and something
really cool that at the time I’m making
this video were just about to release
it’ll be really cool but it prompted
something that I wanted to share with
you a long long long time ago
I worked at America Online I worked
there for part better part of a decade
and longer as the voice of their tech
support line but also is one of their
producers I used to produce those areas
that you would go to where the the the
pages would keep overlapping in the app
and you know so and when I was there I
had a friend who shared with me an old
Persian proverb because you know you
look around you think people are really
lucky or they’re very fortunate or they
were at the right place at the right
and we were talking about this one day
in the lunchroom in the in the cafeteria
and he said well you know my people have
a proverb and that is go wake up your
and that was like a an amazing moment an
epiphany in my life because I realized
that most of the things that worked out
well for me they worked out well for me
not just because I was lucky but because
I was prepared to take advantage of the
opportunity when it was presented and I
was prepared in general for any
opportunity to be presented so
the the concept I want to share with you
today is this idea that yes absolutely
there are things in life that require
luck you know sometimes things happen in
your favor sometimes they don’t but you
will find I think that they will happen
in your favor more often when you’re
prepared for them to do so when you get
the knowledge that you need to be able
to do what happens when you’re lucky
that you are happy to get those
opportunities that you’re not afraid of
those opportunities that on those
moments when you’re lucky that you’re
also able to execute so what I would
offer you is a little thing you can
write on your whiteboard or your vision
board or on a post-it note or in your
notebook and that is the old Persian
proverb go wake up your luck if you’d
like to get notified when there’s new
videos on this channel you can sign up
for my channel just click on my head
there if there’s a head there otherwise
look for a subscribe button and if you’d
like to see the latest video that I’ve
just released well go ahead and click on
that it’ll take you right there I’m
David H Lawrence the 17th I thank you so
much for watching and I’ll talk to you



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  1. So much compacted into so small and short a package of space-time.

    Luck and serendipity seem to be a factor in so many successes that they have become institutionalized in the creative community. People react to this according to their personality and many words of advice have been written about it.

    I have seldom heard such a precise and concise definition and prescription. I think it is notable that this is your shortest video so far in the series.

  2. Some might say I was “lucky” when I was asked to do my first audiobook without even auditioning…but had I not been prepared with my home studio and VO2GOGO ACX classes, the luck may never have come! I also had to take what I learned and produce a professional sounding audiobook demo and upload it on to ACX. Less than 2 weeks after I did, I was contacted by the RH!

  3. Yes yes yes! Thank you, I love this. It reminds me why I do all the “between work” things like training and warm-ups and reading and even yoga. And the work itself. Just waking up my luck.
    I love these videos, David.