13146: Getting The Right Answers By Asking The Right Questions

Hey there, hero!

Solving problems for yourself or others likely require asking questions.

In some cases, those questions are straightforward, and the answers you get will get the job done.

But many times, the question being asked isn’t quite getting to the heart of the matter.

There’s more information required, or context needs to be added, or the solution is found from an entirely different method of discovery. A different question, or questions, need to be asked.

And how you ask that “different” question requires a bit of finesse – even if you’re asking it of yourself. You don’t want to insult the other person by not answering the question they DID ask.

How do you handle this situation without making the other person feel less than, or foolish? I always am looking for guidance. Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. As a coach or teacher I can see where being in tune enough with the subject matter and the person asking the question would be a plus in getting the person the information they need as opposed to what they think they want to hear. Often as one starts out in a new area or an area where they may have come upon incorrect or limited information, they don’t know what they don’t know. And that makes it hard to find the right question to ask.