0011: Five Moments From Being On Set

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Show notes

Hey there, hero!

Whenever any of my VO Heroes branch out to working on-camera, it’s a special moment of joy for me when I get to hear how much they loved it.

And that moment happened this past week when one of my Pro members got to work on-set this week.

What he wrote me was filled with five things he thought might be helpful to remember, and I thought I’d share them with you. Maybe you’ll find them helpful, too.


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    1. Yep – “when”. 🙂 Mind you, I don’t pursue on-camera, I just don’t say no to it if I happen to have something show up on my radar. The circumstances and schedule lined up perfect for my last one.

  1. Congrats to David for excellent teaching about how to prepare, and to the successful auditioner!