Fear Of The Unknown, Or The Day Before My Surgery

Hey there!

I’ve got about 24 hours before I undergo arthroscopic surgery of my shoulder.

Here are a few thoughts on being afraid of the unknown.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I don’t wish to invoke luck, she’s a capricious one, but hope you have the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.

  2. I’ve had major surgery several times over my life, and I talk about them in my podcast, “Creative Care Unit”. Unfortunately, weirdness follows me wherever I go, even into the medical bays, but fortunately I talk about it in the podcast. For God’s sake, if you’re nervous about going in now, avoid listening to the show until after you’re in recovery!

    Seriously, David, I think you’ll be fine. Your procedure is considerably less invasive than when my Dad had calcium deposits removed from his shoulder in the early ’70s. You’ll have a minimum of scarring (Dad had what looked like a football stitch on his shoulder) and recovery time will be pretty fast. Just make sure that when you do PT that you do exactly what they tell you, pushing it only when you think you can. Don’t overdo it.

    I don’t know if you’re a faith based life form, but I will keep you & Betsy in my prayers for the foreseeable future. Here’s hoping that all goes well and that you’re back up to speed faster than you can imagine.

  3. All the best to you, David! We are rooting for you! Kudos to you for even wanting to try to do the videos! I know you’ll be wise, though, and not overdo it. Do what you can, but please focus on recovery.

  4. Hi David,

    Thanks for your videos and commitment to them. There is a fear of the totally unknown, but as you have done it can be alleviated a bit by doing research like you have done. I feel that once you have done that, it is a matter of faith and understanding that once it starts it is out of your control. When I say faith, I don’t mean the religious sense as such, which you would expect from me, but the belief that you are in good hands with the hospital, surgeon, type of surgery you have chosen, because of the research you have done. The faith they are professional and skilled, having done this a million times before. Also that with your support from Betsy and others helping you in the process and knowing you have the tenacity (which we know you do) to pull through any recovery process. This is how I address events that I have partial knowledge and have done as much as I can to understand, but there is still a measure of uncertainty. All the best with the surgery and I have faith that you will up and better in no time! Thank you for your support in my VO endeavours. I will be in LA at the end of July I hope we can catch up in person then when you are all better!

  5. David, you will do great! Having had arthroscopic surgery in my abdomen area, I found what everyone says is true, recovery is fairly easy, comparatively speaking. Very cool that they can do that procedure on the shoulder too. I too will be praying for a very speedy recovery for you.

  6. Hey David, Do more of what works. You must have loads of stuff already under your belt, which most of us have never seen. Use that. I know how you feel, wanting to get it all done before IT happens. Perhaps this is a time to let go and live. Smell the Roses as IF. Do that THING. You are so brave to talk about your fear. I feel it. I’ve been there with a lung op (Microscopic too) two years ago. I HUG YOU. I shall sit in my Teahouse and sing to you. Get Well Soon, Namaste. Linda

  7. No forgiveness necessary – I think it’s awesome that you’re doing these videos at all and that you want to keep that going is so great of you. Best of luck for the surgery, I’m sure that all will go well. My last surgery was a knee surgery and because it was mostly arthroscopic (they did have to make an incision to gather materials from a tendon to replace my ACL) and I found that the icing regimen and PT were enough that I didn’t need a lot of pain meds – only a couple days. I hope that will be true for you as well and that you’ll have a speedy recovery. I appreciate this video also because while I’m not an anxious person by nature, when something important comes along that I don’t perhaps have all the information about, or simply haven’t experienced yet to know it will be ok, I suffer from “fear of the unknown” pretty big time. All I can offer is that it passes (I’m sure you know that) and once you have the experience, you’ll never fear THAT unknown again. All the best – feel better soon! Lynn

  8. Hey, David!

    You have genuine reason to be concerned, but not afraid. The main concern is the anesthesia.

    Not only does general anesthesia have the highest chance of complications—they say you also lose at least some brain cells while you are under. I should know, I’ve been under several times. There aren’t many left. 😉 Rest assured that bad Anesthesiologists go away quickly and those that remain are the best.

    The reason you will have a pain pump is not only that they are slicing through some very large muscles, even though it is a small incision, is not so much the bone spur removal (bones don’t have pain receptors,) but the tendon repair. That is also what will restrict your motion for some time.

    Since you have plenty of brain cells to spare, don’t worry. Just enjoy the joy juice for as long as you need it and don’t try to do too much, too soon.

  9. David,

    Bob and I have had our share of surgeries. I had a biopsy and then a mastectomy as I had breast cancer. I went through chemo and radiation. Bob had a liver transplant in October. He was amazing and only had Tylenol once after the surgery. We are both doing well.

    I don’t think any surgery is insignificant and it is okay to be scared. Believe in your doctors and nurses and those who care for you. It’s never easy but you will get through it. You are so lucky that Betsy will be with you. From personal experience, we know this to be true. Bob was there for me every step of the way as were our son and I for him after his surgery.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



    PS Do the exercises they tell you to do so you will get your range of motion back.

    Best wishes.


  10. David,
    Many well Wishes heading your way! it’s just like you to not let your listeners (fans) down by wanting to make the videos regardless of your surgery. Maybe you can get some acting roles that requires someone recovering from shoulder surgery. Always my best, David

  11. Sending healing vibes and thoughts your way and I know I join many other voices in saying so. You are much appreciated in this community so here’s to a speedy recovery!

  12. I am just catching up a little late but I wanted to say I hope you did really well and are recovering quickly and without pain