13126: Do You Avoid Non-Fiction (Or Fiction) Audiobook Narration?

Hey there, hero!

If you find yourself looking at audiobook auditions of a particular genre, like fiction, or non-fiction, and saying, “Nah…that’s not for me.”

I wonder if you’re being fair with yourself.

Or if you’re telling yourself fairy tails about yourself and your abilities.

You just might be cutting yourself off of some amazing, profitable and yes, enjoyable (!) opportunities.

Let’s take a look at that, and examine the evidence – and perhaps open yourself up to a chance to do some great work.

I’ll be leading a session called “Fearless Fiction and Nuanced Non-Fiction” At WoVOCon VII (My 5-7 in Orland):


Maybe you’ll join me on stage to read!

So…do you find yourself avoiding certain books? How come? Might it be a false flag? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Hi David,
    I used to think I wanted to do ONLY non-fiction because, as a newbie, I was intimidated by the idea of multiple characters and story-telling. As it turned out, my first 2 projects both have been fiction, and a real blast to do. I discovered I like story-telling. I like doing characters. I won’t say I’m world-class at doing them, but it’s more fun than I ever imagined. Funny how stuff works.
    Sorry, can’t come to WOVOCON. 🙁

  2. David,
    I think you covered all the reasons why I shy away from fiction audiobooks. I am afraid I can’t keep character voices the same, accents freak me out, can I be interesting enough in telling the story…you named them all. I am just getting my feet wet in audiobooks, so I went for non-fiction, shorter books.
    Hope you have a great time at WOVOCON!