0071: Do This To Get Better Responses To Your Online Questions



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

A few years ago, Facebook did something that changed how you got notified via email when someone posted something, replied to something, added a comment and more.

And what they did didn’t help you and me out one bit.

They went from a full quoting of the content of what they were notifying you about, to just a few opening words.

It was done to increase engagement on the FB platform. They now tease you with that opening, and you’re more likely to click on the “Read More” link to find out the rest of the content.

And what users have noticed is that they are getting less quality responses to their postings.

What makes it worse is a habit that seems reasonable, even nice that leads to even fewer responses.

You’ve actually seen it, and maybe even done it yourself.

In this podcast episode, I point it out, so you can avoid doing it in the future, and get better responses from those who rely on notifications.

Any other little tips for making sure people respond on social media? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My friend David Gerrold, when he wants to ask a question, starts out his FB posts with “Question for the Hive Mind. Serious inquiries only”. It gets your attention, that’s for sure.