VO Kickstart Audition Sprint – September

Working each day for three weeks, learn to quickly and easily respond to auditions by submitting a well-recorded MP3 that meets industry requirements.

Welcome to the VO Kickstart Audition Sprint for September!

You’ll be getting a new audition request every weekday for three weeks, and your goal is to respond to that audition request in a timely manner with a well recorded MP3, submitted right on the audition’s lesson page, just below the audition script itself.

NOTE: Be sure to review Lesson 1 so you know what you need to do each day to get your audition accepted and approved.

Then, you’ll be given feedback on the quality of your response, including:

  • Timeliness (submitting by the deadline)
  • Recording format (128k mono MP3)
  • Recording neatness (well trimmed, no unneeded silence)
  • Recording noise floor (-60 dB or below)
  • Recording robustness (loudness and normalization at proper levels)
  • Script accuracy
  • Slating accuracy
  • File name accuracy

You’ll also get short comments and guidance if something needs to be better executed.

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Course Includes

  • 16 Lessons


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