13113: Celebrating The Math: My Podcast Episode Count

Hey there, hero!

I had a few questions as to what was up with my podcast episode count, and it all boils down to me taking my own advice.

I spent decades in broadcasting, and was one of the first podcasters ever. So…I wanted to take the time to tally all of the production from my first podcasts (the Online Tonight daily RealAudio-laden emails in 1996) through the rest of my daily syndicated days on AM, FM, XM and Sirius, on CNET, on Salem, on WGN/Chicago and WOR/New York, to the Secrets of Screen Acting Podcast, the podcasts I’d done for SAG-AFTRA, for commercial clients, the VO2GoGo podcast, this VOHeroes podcast and many more.

It’s been, and continues to be (in the audio AND video era) a blast.

And I wanted to do a bit of celebrating.

I ask you for the same contribution as last episode: what have you forgotten to give yourself credit for? What about your journey do you need to take a moment and have a moment? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. So important. In his wonderful book The Success Principles, success coach Jack Canfield recommends posting our accomplishments—diplomas, letters of accomplishment or recommendation, certificates, even thank you letters—on the wall or places we’ll otherwise see them frequently, as a way to remind ourselves not only of how far we’ve come, but also of what we’re building. It can feel arrogant… but hey, facts are facts. There’s a lot to be said for visually owning our record of accomplishment!

    1. I love that you shared that, Trevor. When I moved to my current place and actually had separate space for an office/studio, I decided to hang my college diplomas around my desk and piano for that very reason. When life and this business get tough, I wanted to remind myself of what I had accomplished so far. It’s like garlic against the vampires like imposter syndrome. So I love knowing g that someone who professionally coaches success touts that as a good idea.

  2. I was wondering… At first I thought it was a typo—some variable bobble in the html. Then with the next episode, it happened again and I spend some time trying to decipher the apparent cypher.
    You just saved me a lot of investigative work. 😉
    But on to the root epiphany. Good on ya, mate! As usual you turned a learning moment into a teaching moment.

  3. You’re a beast, David! That’s a whale of a lot of content. I just sent out an email announcing the print publication of Stuart’s Audacity Tips Volume II, which (together with Volume I) represents 104 installments of my newsletter. And here’s an inside-baseball sneak preview: I’m now producing video versions of those installments. The first set of those will be appearing on video streaming platforms near you in the next couple of weeks. It’s certainly not 13 thousand episodes, but it is great fun. Thanks for all your encouragement!

    1. That’s going to be awesome – and it will be the basis for any number of other products you can produce from that amount of content, like, I don’t know, maybe an Audacity training course? Good on you!

  4. This is great David. I’ve had to learn to celebrate small successes because the big successes are made up of many of them. If I make the slightest improvement in my studio, my understanding of copy, even sending in a great audition, I stop and celebrate it. One of those ways is to share it with close friends who know me well enough that I am not bragging or boasting, but growing. They are part of my tribe, my journey. I have my nominated Audio Book on display on my wall too, given to me by the author, as a reminder too of where I have come from. Its a success that is a significant part of my story because I didn’t think I could ever narrate and produce an audiobook. When I don’t do this, its because I am dealing with a critical nature, or some other negativity.

  5. Thanks to your teaching, I became an Audible-approved producer, created and hosted a radio series for Hawaii Public Radio (which continues to air) as well several holiday specials, which I produced in my home studio with Aidavity; acquired a NY based VO agent and I am auditioning for SAG national spots… and it all started with you, David H. Lawrence XVII.