California Performers: SAG-AFTRA Says Don’t Worry About Your Loan-Out Corp

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Much concern recently about the Dynamex legal decision, and California’s AB 5, which re-classifies workers formerly considered to be independent contractors.

The decision and the law now makes them employees.

Great for Uber, Door Dash and other workers who are feeling left out as contractors, but where does that leave actors, voice over talent and other creatives who elect to use loan-out corporations?

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  1. This is very interesting and I have lots of questions, but maybe we can talk about it privately sometime if this isa too much for this forum. Can those NOT living in CA and NY set this up or is it allowed only in these 2 states? Is there a baseline of earnings (maybe based on how much it costs to set up and run the corporation) where it makes sense to set this up? How does this work in regards to your union health and pension benefits if the studio is paying your corporation? Just curious how this all works. Thanks for the post.