Becoming a Hero To The World

Hey, there!

My posts on identifying and vanquishing our deepest fears really resonated with clients and students.

So much so, that my friend and client Dolly Wyatt asked me to do her a favor.

(Not directly, but I read between the lines of her comment).

She said she wanted to post what I said on the wall as a reminder. And we know how clunky printed web pages look.

So, I created this printable wall hanging for her. And you.

If you click on the image below, it will take you to a PDF version, suitable for printing. Once there, just print that page.


Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Well, I’m a practical gal. Would you consider an additional list tips to promote our VO work and find jobs? You mentioned a lot of great tips in that same post. i.e “I’m going to finally put up those skill clips on Now Casting and Actors’ Access.”

    In fact,
    Here’s an ongoing idea. Maybe its one you’d entertain adopting as a template for the bottom of your posts?

    Monday–Marketing to do task
    Wednesday-Web to do task
    Friday-Find work to do task

    I feel the more practical I can get with specific tasks that build my VO presence and the more ingenuity I can utilize to find the jobs, the faster it will come out of the “I wanna be” phase and be shining in the “I do this for a living” reality.

    The practice–well, that’s on me. That said, I’m getting’ in closet right now to record, record, record! And I’ll be reading out loud to a friend today.