0066: Baby Steps



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

How many times have you heard the phrase “Just take a few little baby steps at a time, and you’ll be fine.”?

I have a question: have you ever actually witnessed what happens when a baby takes a few steps??

It’s the subject of a tweet that pretty much says it all – and is useful to us all as we learn new skills and start new chapters in our lives.

After you hear my take on this, what are your thoughts on taking “baby steps” now? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Awesome podcast…. glad I clicked on it.. just what I needed to hear at this moment as I’m starting a new career in my sales journey….

  2. David,
    You always strike a chord and this time you got me a little weepy with your confidence in those of us who value your opinion. Thank you for this one.

  3. David,

    This really hit home!

    Being the grandfather of a toddler and delighting in his daily discovery and wonder, I can really see how my “grown up” approach to VO work (and the rest of my career) has been a hindrance to growing.

    I tend to be a perfectionist who has prided myself in being a fast learner, but I’m realizing that I don’t NEED to always do it faster or more perfectly – I need to enjoy getting dirty and falling forward into the unknown.

    You said babies only need to do a few things: eat, poop, and sleep. I’d like to add one more – PLAY! They learn so much from playing and just having fun. I don’t know when it happened, but I stopped playing years ago because it’s “not what adults do”. I’ve been working on allowing my inner child to come out and play more. And the more time I spend around my grandson, the more I see how I can just abandon the governor I’ve allowed to stifle me.

    Joining VOHeroes and receiving encouragement from you, other coaches, and other pros has been instrumental in making VO work fun. I’m tempted to stop calling it VO work and call it VO FUN! Just have fun discovering what else is out there and how to enjoy the process.

    Thanks again for everything you and your team bring to all of us!

    1. David the XVII, love this. Thanks for your sincerity in these communications. I wasn’t;t going to click on your email teaser at first, because it seemed like it was leaning to a negative: “I have a question: have you ever actually witnessed what happens when a baby takes a few steps??” But I’m glad I did. 🙂

      John’s addition: play, says volumes. I forgot to play as well.

      Thank you, both.

  4. Well, Babies suck so bad —
    JUST KIDDING!! David, I love this … I think this is what You and I and even Meryl Streep does when we LEAP ! It is the only way to grow and the best way, well, the only way — to make it great!
    That wonky wobbly first step is the only way, you do the do — (…there is not try.)
    Thanks for sharing.