0081: Are You Judging Your Success Too Early?



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

We’re all on a journey. Our own journey. With different speeds, timelines, and horizons.

And we can easily forget about considering time when plugging along on the highway to getting it all done.

I’d like to remind you to be gentle with yourself when you start examining your results…especially with when you actually judge yourself, because things like this take time. And you might be jumping the gun just a bit.

And so, I will.

Once you hear what I have to say…is that helpful? Is it a reasonable reminder, or are you hell bent to get to your goals as quickly as possible? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I would say it’s very personal. Some people set time limits on success. Some people simply reach a limit that they had not specifically established but that felt appropriate at the time and then they move on. But yes, in general, I agree that you should give something a great deal of time before judging your success.