Are You Committed? Or Just…Interested?

Hey there!

I was tickled to death by an article by Anthony Moore that really connected: he’s been trying to put together a comprehensive course, one that he can sell online (like I do with VO2GoGo Pro and the ACX Master Class).

He quotes John Assaraf, discussing commitment levels and the difference between dabbling and engaging…interest and commitment.

Where are you? And how can knowing the difference make all the difference in the world?

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and I just got finished reading an
article that I thought really resonated
certainly with me it connected with me
because was a guy by the name of Anthony
Moore that wrote the article and I read
it over on medium which is a new
publishing platform it’s actually not
that new but it’s kind of catching on
around now he’s been trying to put
together a comprehensive course on
something and so as I was reading about
his struggles it reminded me of what it
was like for me to put together vo to go
go the probe connection the pro
curriculum and the ACX masterclass with
Dan and and the other courses that I’ve
put together and the other things that
I’ve done that I market online and one
of the things that he was concerned
about was he couldn’t quite get things
going he couldn’t quite get over that
hump of you know I got to do all these
different things and do I really want to
do this yeah I really want to do it but
you know so he’s vacillating back and
forth and he mentions a quote from John
I hope I’m pronouncing this name
properly a serif where he discusses
really examining whether you are just
kind of interested in what you’re doing
or if you’re actually engaged in what
you’re doing so there’s a difference
between interest and commitment and what
he says is if you’re interested you come
up with stories excuses reasons and
circumstances about why you can’t or why
you won’t but if you’re committed those
go out the window you just do whatever
it takes and I think that’s there’s
there’s some truth in that it certainly
was how I felt about it because there
was a time when I was just kind of
interested in teaching voiceover I mean
there was a time when I wasn’t
interested at all in teaching voice I
was kind of incredulous that anybody
would want me to teach voiceover I kept
pushing back and saying no and
that’s a whole other kettle of fish but
and then I got interested in it like am
i where they might be interested but
then when I saw the change that it made
in someone’s life when I helped them
with their demo and when I helped them
with auditioning for commercials I
thought huh and I became committed and I
tell the story every so often about when
I took that one weekend back in 2006 I
think it was and I just sat down and I
turned out my first class I did the
syllabus for it and I wasn’t teaching
with PowerPoint in those days I was
teaching live so I just basically did
the notes that I needed for the class it
was on commercials and this is thing
this is the thing some people put a goal
up they go I think I’d like to do that
and that’s the real phrase I think I’d
like to do that not I’m going to do that
I must do that I’m driven to do that
lots of people don’t even recognize when
they’re driven or they need to do
something right
so there was another quote that he put
in the article that was pretty funny
George Lorimer said most people would
rather make a million dollars in their
head every night then make a hundred
dollars in cash every day so what do you
do how do you how do you know if you’re
interested versus committed well are you
thinking about doing it now later who
knows but ready shoot aim employ that
just try a few things that’s the second
piece is small progress every day and
then adjusting for that progress ready
shoot aim small things celebrate those
small things and then the third thing to
do is use adversity and challenge as
your motivation you know it’s hard it’s
not easy to do anything that we do in
this space
it’s not easy teaching marketing
performance voice over on camera stuff
it’s not easy and when you’re able to
overcome those things you can see your
level of commitment and you can enjoy
that and celebrate that so ready shoot
aim small progress every day note the
progress and celebrate that progress and
then use adversity and challenge as a
motivation and pretty soon you’ll find
out whether you’re just interested in
something or whether you’re actually
engaged and committed to doing that
I hope this resonates with you as much
as it did with me I’m sure there’s
something in your life that you’re kind
of playing at a dilettante at and then
there are other things that you were
very very serious about tell me about
them in the comments below wherever
you’re watching this I hope you’re
watching it at vo2 gogo calm because at
that site I got a lot of really great
stuff for you there that’s absolutely
free there’s some stuff that you can buy
if you want but there’s so many
resources there that will really help
you with your voice over your pursuit
and also want to remind you one more
time that on the 100th episode of these
365 episodes I’m gonna do what they call
over on reddit and AMA and ask me
anything and
gathering those questions now between
now and the hundredth episode I’m going
to be looking at comments that people
have left in the previous I know what is
it 80 some odd episodes that we’ve done
and I also invite you if you have
questions that you’d like to ask me he
doesn’t have to be about what I’ve been
talking about in these videos maybe you
want to know something about tacker or
equipment or about me personally I you
know I’ll answer anything I possibly can
and so send those to me in the subject
line put am a question and then send it
to me at david lawrence at
I’ll be happy to happy to put it in the
in the in the basket of questions we’re
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I’m David H Lawrence – 17 thank you so
much for watching and I’ll talk to you



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  1. Fear can be debilitating. BUT what I’ve found is when you get past the fear to the doing, the strength of the fear lessens. Each baby step forward is step away from fear. In the words of Dory “just keep swimming”. Ready. Shoot. Aim.

  2. After a great experience at my first audition today, I’m feeling more motivated with regard to the casting calls I usually ignore. My feelings of simple interest have shifted to something more. Thanks for the video David.