0056: An Easy Way To Avoid Confusing Price With Value



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

When making any purchase, it’s easy (and common) to ignore the value of something, especially when the price is a bit alarming…in either direction (too high or seemingly too low).

I found an easy way to think about it, and it’s a key phrase I use when I’m considering purchasing something (or pricing something I’m selling).

How do you think about the value of something? Do you consider it before rejecting a purchase based on price? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Yes!

    I’ve explained this many times to others as Value = Item/Cost. The quantification of an item can sometimes be a bit nebulous, especially when the item is a service, but it’s a good starting point for determining value.

    When I was wrestling with the idea of spending $3K on the course, this formula was very beneficial in helping me break down everything and realize the value of what I’m getting.

    The ROI is yet to be determined, but I’m confident that the training I’m getting is going to pay big dividends. I’ve learned so much and have a thirst for more!

    Thanks for the reminder, David!