AMA Answers Part 5 Plus A Medical Warning

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Along with the fifth AMA video in this series, where I answer questions about why feedback can be useless, why my response to was so short, and whether robocallers wait to see if your voicemail picks up, I also had an encounter with the local fire and EMT first responders when Betsy had to call 911 a couple of nights ago – so a bit of a warning for you.

Here are the answers to today’s questions.

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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and we’re gonna do two more of these AMA
asked and answered questions for the ask
me anything series this is number five
we’re gonna do one more number six and
then we’ll get back to the single
subject things before I get started with
today’s video I want to tell you that
the other night I had a little bit of a
medical scare and Betsy thank God she
was here she had to call 9-1-1 and I can
only say that I was feeling fine and
then all of a sudden I felt awful I felt
sweaty and really tired and you know
just just clammy and I couldn’t actually
speak very well and she asked me do you
want me to call 9-1-1 or do you want to
go to the hospital because we’re gonna
do one of the other and thankfully she
called 9-1-1 i got to tell you there’s
really nothing like six burly firemen in
your bill in your bedroom when you’re in
your underwear ready to go to bed
getting blood all over the the the bed
here’s the little wound a little
puncture wound where they in put in an
IV so what happened was something that i
wanted to warn you about your medicines
and the way you take them are just as
important as the medicines that you take
meaning what schedule what dosage what
happened was I had taken my insulin a
little bit earlier in the evening so
that I had my evening free to do some
things it’s a Friday night and I forgot
I forgot to take I forgot I had taken my
insulin so I took it again and what
happened made me feel even worse than
when I had high blood sugar because I
plummeted into really low blood sugar
when they came at 1:00 in the morning
they tried to measure my blood sugar and
it was lower than their glucometer would
go so they figured out what was going on
BET’s he didn’t know if i was having a
heart attack or what was going on and
thank god she was here because i could
have gotten into a coma I I wouldn’t
have been able to get downstairs I live
in a two-story condo and I wouldn’t have
been able to get downstairs to let them
in I’m sure they would have broken down
the door at some point but who needs
that expense right um so they said hey
you know he should get some complex
carbohydrates to build his sugar up not
too quickly but you know and so for the
first time in months I had a sandwich
from jack-in-the-box with some cheddar
fries and oh it was so delicious and
then I was right back onto the right
background of the salads the next day so
I’m fine everything’s great my warning
to you is please be careful please make
sure that you take your medications if
you take it at all if you take
medications at all that you take them
the way they’ve been prescribed don’t
don’t let that be something that’s like
sloppy I’m actually getting a jewelry
divider so that it actually has seven
little troughs in it so that I can put
my insulin pen in the next day’s trough
so I’ve completely become my grandfather
just so you know alright so here are
today’s questions David when you do
voiceover and you get no feedback
how can you gain knowledge unless you
create your own and I think this is a
response to when I talked about not
really worrying if a client gives you
feedback or asking for feedback from a
casting director and the point is you
have to consider the source that you’re
seeking this feedback from when you say
creating your own information oh I gotta
get that information from the person
that might hire me or the person that
might cast me they are not in a role to
give you feedback they have a different
job they need to get advertising created
so that their business is profitable or
they’re being paid to cast somebody to
do that sort of work to help somebody do
they’re not neither one of them neither
a potential client nor a casting
are should be asked to do the job of
giving you feedback on your acting
that’s just not their role a coach a
teacher even a fellow actor is a better
choice than now then a casting director
or a client now could they give you that
feedback sure but is that better than
I don’t think so because a casting
director who is smart will only say you
know what you were great we just went in
a different direction or words to that
effect because who wants to insult
somebody who wants to say you weren’t
good enough
you weren’t tall enough you weren’t fat
enough you weren’t thin enough you
weren’t young enough you weren’t old
enough you looked like the directors
ex-wife who knows and people that are
actual clients the advertisers they’re
even further removed from the idea of
making you a better performer so I would
seek feedback from people who know what
they’re talking about first and foremost
and for whom that is their job so I hope
that that helps somebody said regarding
the very short and succinct response I
gave to not engaging them in
being one of their coaches that they
recommend I look up to you as a master
of healthy efficient assertiveness in
business dealings and have learned so
much from you
what stopped you from saying something
more directly to the point of why you
wouldn’t want to partner with them like
I would never work with your company
because I disapprove of the business
model etc real simple it wasn’t
necessary in my opinion it would have
fallen on deaf ears if they don’t know
by now that they have a bad reputation
my bringing it to their attention isn’t
going to change their mind they do know
and they disagree clearly they have
their own way of doing things and that’s
that I just wanted to be clear and I
wanted to be brief and I didn’t want to
go into a sermon I didn’t want to you
know shame them I I feel like there was
some shame involved in even sharing the
story and I certainly don’t want to make
feel bad but at the same time I want to
be clear about my intentions and so I
have no illusions that should I what
were I to have gone into a further
explanation that it would have made one
bit of difference I went into that
explanation with you but going into that
explanation with them in their email all
they needed to hear from me was an
answer to their question would you like
to and the answer was no I don’t nor are
any of my coaches available now I did
say to my coaches if you want to go
ahead and do it it’s you know individual
it’s up to you but just not as a
representative of the odigo go so anyway
and then finally a question I always
wonder if I don’t answer my phone we
talked about robo calls and 400 billion
robo calls in the last two months 400
billion imagine all those people picking
up the phone or seeing the phone I
wonder if I don’t answer and it goes to
my voicemail is that another way that
they know I’m a live person I had done a
video called the robo call equivalent of
unsubscribe where if you pick up the
phone they mark you as live and then
resell your number to somebody as a live
number of verified live number so if it
goes to voicemail
they might but they usually don’t mark
you as active or live they just mark you
as a working number they want to know
that when they call they’ll get a live
person because that’s when they can
engage in a conversation that’s when
they can use social engineering to get
you to be concerned or or or guilty or
intrigued or fooled that’s the most
valuable target for robocallers is live
calls being answered so letting it go to
voicemail is is great because you’re
gonna let it go to voicemail next time
to so they could mark you and sell you
but you know if you don’t recognize the
number you’re still not gonna answer the
phone so anyway there you go
alright so tomorrow last session and if
you’ve got any comments on the answers
that I’ve been
I’ve been giving please you know put
them in the comments below this video if
you’re watching on vo – go go I hope you
are tomorrow we’ll do the 6th and last
round and then maybe I’ll do it again
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go ahead and click on that frame and
YouTube will play it for you I’m David H
Lawrence the 17 thank you so much for
watching and I will talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. Im going to preach. Be careful with your Diabetes!! My Uncle, who was diabetic, but otherwise in good health , went into a diabetic coma and survived. His remaining 7 or 8 years after that event were spent in a wheelchair, diapers and a mind that regressed to a child. He was still quite aware and could talk but he needed constant care.
    Im glad you are OK. Your story sent a shiver down my spine because I know how close you came to being gone as we, your students and fans, know you.

    As always I enjoy your daily teaching sessions. Great stuff. Stay healthy and hug your wife! She loves you for sure! Ha ha.

  2. Very glad that you are ok and excellent warning. I am surprised that this doesn’t happen more often, it’s so easy to forget if you have taken your medicine or supplements. i keep meaning to do that pill organizer thing too.