AMA #2, Episode #3

Hey there, hero!

This is the second virtual AMA (Ask Me Anything) I’ve done this year, and I’ve been asked some really great questions. Thank you for that!

Today’s questions deal with the legalities of stage names, how to identify demo mills and what to use to mark up PDFs when narrating audiobooks and other scripts.

Let’s do this!

Hope this helps!



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  1. David,

    Your pronunciation of my last name was spot on! Zay Jack! Not many people get it right the first time!

    Thank you for your response to my question! I will go with the way you recommend. You are the expert! I appreciate your insight regarding not marking the script.

    Hope you had a nice time at WoVO! Looking forward to hearing about it.


  2. One of the most interesting things to me in my training was the difference from my first few instructors to working with you David. I was told repeatedly by my previous instructors that I should mark up my scripts for a variety of reasons, including marking when to take a breath. I was reading a script for someone over the phone and I was struggling and I said, “You know what, I’m going to read this naturally, without worrying when to breath.” The instructor seemed to not really think it was the best idea, but when I read the script without worrying about my breaths, it was easier to do and it sounded so much better. Thanks for the video David 🙂

  3. Hi David,
    I apologize for not asking this question last week when you were doing the AMA series, but I watched your video today (10/29/19) about asking for help … so here I am! Having taken your recommendations to get a MacBook and AT2020 microphone, I’m wondering about the audio interface. I’m still learning about these things! Can you give a recommendation for a newbie like me on the audio interface? Thanks so much!