0048: A Common Question That Has No Answer…For Performers



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

There is one particular question I often hear when people ask about being a performer, especially when it comes to training.

And it’s a question that you can easily ask about almost any other job or pursuit or training…

…but not about performance.

The question is a reasonable one, one that we’re taught to ask almost from birth.

…but not about performance.

In this episode, I’ll share both the question and the right (and wrong) answers that students and performers should reasonably expect. And, I’ll offer an alternative question that does make sense to ask.

Once you’ve heard the question, does it ring a bell for you? Might it be that you’ve asked that question about acting or VO in the past? What answer did you expect? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Excellent points David regarding “No guarantees.”
    I think that holds a lot of people down and they sit on the “fence of inaction.”
    Not much good comes to he/she who sits around not moving forward because their success is not guaranteed.

  2. I wish the friends and family members outside the business understood this as much as actors do! I think they believe actors are aimless or lazy, when figuring out this actually far exceeds anything they could begin to tackle.

  3. I actually think I asked you a similar question years ago and you shared with me the same information from this video. I get it now. Definitely didn’t get it back then 🙂

  4. Excellent. I never said I’m doing this in 6 months or a year or anything. I know at least one person who did the VO Heroes course very quickly, but from what I know of her – that’s how she goes – full speed ahead! I have a full time at least 40 hours a week job, so my path is a lot slower.
    We are all different. When I retire from my position, then my energy goes back into something I truly love – VO, which is not to say I don’t love what I do – I do, but another chapter in my life is coming, and I will read it voraciously!