0018: 3 Things: Coming To The Defense Of Teachers, A Free Book And A Plan.

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Hey there, hero!

I usually come to you in these podcast episodes with an optimistic, joyful angle on things.

Only 2 of the three things I have to talk to you about this week are like that.

In the category of no good deed goes unpunished, I must come to the defense of my new group, the teachers I’m teaching how to teach online.

Apparently, it’s become very much in fashion to file lawsuits against colleges, universities, private schools, their administrations, and in an incredibly selfish and misdirected legal approach, the actual instructors of online courses.

And what are these students and parents suing over? You’ll find it as unbelievable as I did when I first heard about this trend.

But then, I have two things I want to share with you that are time limited.

First, my friend and audiobook client Danny Iny has a new book out called Teach Your Gift, that shows you exactly why and how you should create an online course to teach the world about your passion. And I asked him if he could make it free for my viewers and listeners, and he said yes.

But you have to get it by this Monday, May 11. So do so now! The link is below.

And the second is an opportunity to save a lot of money. Dan O’Day and I are preparing to teach the Home Study 2020 edition of the ACX Master Class, during the month of June. And to help you save hundreds of dollars on the cost of the four-week course, we’re offering a very limited time payment plan – and for that, you have to act before 9pm on Saturday May 9.

That’s likely today if you’re watching/listening to the podcast on the day it was released…so if you know that’s what you want to do, take advantage of this offer – you’ll pay the lowest price for the course, and you can spread it out over two months. The link for that is below as well.

Danny Iny’s FREE BOOK (through Monday only): Teach Your Gift

ACX Master Class 2-payment Option (through Saturday 5/9 9p)

And there’s still time left to get (or recommend to teachers you know) Teach Your Course Online…for free:

And please spread the word. We want even more than the 1100+ teachers who have already grabbed Teach Your Course Online to be grabby, before this Friday, May 15, when the price goes to $49.


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  1. That is outrageous that schools and teachers are being sued! My sister is a teacher, teachers are heroes, they work so hard to help their students. This news makes me sad and angry. I hope the cases are thrown out of court.

  2. Sadly, I think that some people think of teachers and schools as overpaid babysitters, and even resent them. Especially if they themselves have not had a good academic experience. Of course some people are just eager to get money anyway possible.

  3. Given that I’m a bald old suspicious bloke… I’m suspecting that sleazy lawyers [redundant?] are the ones looking for more $$, and have enveigled parents/students into suing.
    And… yes… I use British spelling…

  4. My father, who is a wonderful teacher, left teaching after a student accused him of physical assault and a parent took it to the point of getting a lawyer and suing the school district. To be clear he did NOT hurt or assault the boy…Teachers are leaving because of people like that…

  5. Hi, I can’t get to the payments page. I can only get to here: https://www.acxmasterclass.com/
    Nor can I get the book! I put in my name and email and nothing happens. I have turned off any blockers or trackers that I can find…

    Please help. I would like the book. Not sure I can afford the course.

  6. What a waste of legal resources. I agree with you totally! I have taken many online courses and I prefer many of them to in-person classes. Easier to go back and catch things, pause to take notes, etc. I enjoy some classes in person, but suing people and organizations because they are teaching online?! Crazy times we are in. Thanks, David.

  7. Some classes cannot be taught online. For the last few years I have assisted with a technical theatre class in a university’s theatre workshop. This is a practical, experience based class that cannot be taught without hands on experience with tools and materials. The students learn by building an actual theatre set. When the Covid lockdown came and the students were sent home the students were all given a pass on the class regardless of the time they had put in at that point because there was simply no way to translate the class to an online experience. Yes, they received credit on their transcript, but they did not get the education they paid for. I don’t know the specifics of the lawsuits you mentioned but it is possible that the students had a similar situation.