10 Words Of Encouragement When You’re Stuck

Photo by Aubrey Rose Odom on Unsplash

Hey there!

I want to chat with you today about our progress.

Or, on occasion, our lack of progress.

It’s easier to quit, to give up, to stop and declare failure to get something done than it is to really take a look at how much you’ve achieved and how much you’ve experienced.

That’s what these 10 words are all about.

Hope this helps!




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  1. I put a lot of effort into a past relationship, so much so I moved halfway across the country. I went that far, and then I went in a completely different direction, back home to all the things that truly made me happy. I learned a lot about myself along the way. Thanks for the video David.

  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement, David..
    This video speaks directly to me right now…After years of investing an enormous amount of energy, time, and money in my VO journey, I’m feeling so stuck and discouraged at the moment.
    I wonder if I’ve come this far to simply come this far? Or if coming this far does indeed mean that I’m well on my way toward the goal of being ready to deliver professional quality audio work…and I need to keep going…

  3. My very first audiobook had challenges for me. I felt like quitting several times and also wondered if it would fail. instead this pushed me to re-evaluate my process, trouble shoot, overcome, and the book was a success. I reached out for help-and that is one of the biggest secrets to this business. I learned a lesson I carry with me to this day-We may be the feature voice to our audience, but we have behind us our personal staff of friends, coaches, good experiences and bad that help us. Since then, I have had many challenges and expectations not met, but I remember this lesson press on for the hope ahead, and joy of the journey. Great video David. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Wonderful advice, David! I had a fair amount of success early in my career (member of a LORT company, 3+ years on a soap opera, etc.), and then hit a wall. During this period, and over the course of several years, I became increasingly discouraged, and reached the point of deciding another long-term passion of mine: I became a registered nurse. And after working as a nurse for many years, I realized that my passion for acting had never been extinguished. I went back into the business. Again, for several years had a fair amount of success, and then, once again, things began drying up for me. I was again tempted to go in another direction (back to nursing, etc.), but when I looked at options I realized that my passion still lay in performance and acting, and I simply was not willing to walk away once again. Looking back over my career and all of the time, training, and accomplishments, I decided that I must stick with my true calling, wherever that might lead. I had been told on numerous occasions that I had the tools to do VO, and had enjoyed the (very limited) time I’d spent in recording studios, and finally made the decision to pursue that aspect of my craft. So here I am…I’ve come this far, and have no intention of stopping now….