VOHeroes Monthly Workouts

Work out, performing live on mic, either online, from home in your own recording space, or in-person, in the city most convenient for you each month – the workout sessions are all identical, and are run by members of our amazing coaching team.

Every month, there are eight different workout sessions that you can choose from, all discussing the the online course material, and each offering a workout on-mic. Just choose the session that’s most convenient for you to attend.

So, no matter which live workout session you come to, you’ll get the chance to work out with copy we provide, coaching and adjustments by our coaches, and diving deep into how to integrate VOHeroes class work into your future VO success.

Workouts are included in your Pro membership, or can be purchased separately at $250 per session. Visit our workout calendar when you’re ready to choose your VOHeroes workout adventure:

Click the image above to visit our workout calendar