VO2GoGo Pro Migration FAQ

Here’s a rundown of the frequently asked questions about migrating from VO2GoGo to VOHeroes as a Pro member.

I’m currently a VO2GoGo Pro. Will I automatically be migrated to VOHeroes?

No – you get to make that decision yourself. When you decide to come over is up to you, and how you do it depends on whether you are currently a monthly or yearly member:

For monthly members (paying $67 a month currently on VO2GoGo) : choose to come over whenever you like. We’ll be encouraging you every so often to do that, since VOHeroes is where all the updates will occur.

For yearly members (you’re currently paying $640 per year on VO2GoGo) : When your current subscription is up (or sooner, if you prefer), you’ll have a choice to make – whether or not you want to join as a VOHeroes Pro Emeritus or simply stay on VO2GoGo. Again, we’ll be encouraging you to do so every so often.

In either case, we think you’ll find it a no-brainer to come on over to the new site, but if you don’t want to, we don’t want to force you.

When can I migrate to VOHeroes?

Any time you like. We’re going to be prompting you to do so during the last couple of weeks of September and first weeks of October, but you can do so whenever you want.

What are the different options I have to join VOHeroes as a Pro Emeritus?

There are three options: monthly, yearly, and a new option, Lifetime. The moment you choose any of those, we’ll cancel your VO2GoGo membership, since you’ll have access to all courses, workouts and other resources (even some great new stuff) on VOHeroes.

Monthly: $67 a month. You can join as a monthly member at a 66% discount over Pro membership.

Yearly: $640 per year. You can join as a yearly member at an additional 20% discount over monthly Emeritus membership.

Lifetime: $2495 once. You pay just once, and you’re a Pro Emeritus for life. That even includes one workout per month for as long as you care to participate, for life.

Do I have to migrate to VOHeroes to still have access to the classes I paid for?

No. You will always have access to the VO2GoGo classes you’ve paid for. But you’ll probably want to migrate at some point, since, just like college classes and textbooks, things get out of date, and we will be updating the courses on VOHeroes from now on.

What happens to the ProConnect discussion group on Facebook?

That will continue to exist for a while, but we will be concentrating on the new, more private ProConnect discussion group here on the VOHeroes site itself. Eventually, we’ll archive the Facebook group, as everyone will be on the VOHeroes site and participating here.

Can I see what people are posting in the Facebook group via the VOHeroes group and vice versa?

No. They are two completely different groups and technology.

Any questions you have that we’re not covering here? Please email me and ask at [email protected].