You’re now a VOHeroes Narrate Your Own Book audiobook narration student…let’s get going!

Hey there, hero! Welcome!

Thank you for joining the VOHeroes Narrate Your Own Book training curriculum, where you’ll enjoy instant access to all of the audiobook and ACX narration courses taught in the VOHeroes Pro curriculum (the award winning training available only to professional actors and voice talent), and all other membership benefits.

I know you’re excited to get started, and rather than just turning you loose on the site and us hoping you can find your way around, I want to make sure you have everything you initially need – let’s get you set up for success!

So go through the items below, getting familiar with the site, your account and other things you’ll need to know to work effectively with VOHeroes.

Bookmark this page

You want to come back from time to time to select a new class in your progression.

Finalize your account settings

Check your email for a message that looks like this, where you’ll set your password:

Bling out your profile

Give everyone a face to match to the voice! Add a profile photo and a cover photo to your profile, and pick a nickname. Just choose Edit from your Profile menu:

Check out your courses

Next, confirm that you have access to the 6 courses in the Audiobook Narration track. Just click on the Courses menu item on the left hand sidebar:

You’ll be on the VOHeroes Curriculum page. In the section on that page called Courses you’re enrolled in, you should see that you have access to our Narrate Your Own Book audiobook course, (as well as an introductory course, Narrate Your Own Book (check this link) 101, a course that helps you understand how to use this site).

  • NOYB (Narrate Your Own Book) 101
  • Narrate Your Own Book – The Training

Be sure to take these classes in order. They build on one another in a very specific progression.

Keep us on our toes

You’re automatically a member of the group linked above in the top menu, Site Feedback.

As you work with the resources on the site, be on the lookout for errors, typos and things you think could be clearer. Then, be sure to click that Site Feedback link, and post anything you think we should update as individual discussions in that forum.

Take your first course: NOYB (Narrate Your Own Book) 101

Once you get all that other stuff taken care of, start your journey with NYOB 101, the course we’ve created to help you use the site like the amazing talent that you are. If you’ve got a question about how something works on and in the Narrate Your Own Book course work, it’s probably spelled out and demonstrated in this course.

We also keep NYOB 101 updated as we improve the way things work on the site, so go back to it if you forget how to do something or if something doesn’t work the way it should (and if we haven’t covered that thing you’re trying to do, let us know so we can add a “how-to” to the NYOB 101 lessons).

Here’s a LINK to it:

Ready? Let’s get going!

If you have any questions, send me an email at [email protected].