Welcome! You’re now a VOHeroes Pro member…let’s get you onboard!

Hey there, hero! David here, with your orientation paperwork.

Welcome! I’m so so happy you’re here.

Everyone on the coaching team wants to take a moment to thank you for joining the VOHeroes Pro membership, where you’ll enjoy instant access to everything in the VOHeroes Pro curriculum, and all other membership benefits.

We know you’re excited to get started, but rather than just turning you loose on the site and hoping you can find your way around, we want to make sure you have everything you initially need to make that happen. So let’s get you set up for success!

Take the time to do ALL the things on this page

Just like your first day on a new job filling out paperwork, or your first week in orientation at school getting to know the campus, the stuff on this page is really important to get you fully on board.

So be sure to go through each of the items below, getting familiar with the site, your account and other things you’ll need to manage to work effectively with VOHeroes. (If you don’t have the time to do this now, please bookmark this page and come back as soon as you can to do so.)

1. Set your VOHeroes Pro login password IF ASKED

I want you to be able to log in easily and securely so you can access everything the site has waiting for you, so check your email inbox (if it’s not there, check Spam/Junk/Promo/Social/etc.) for a message that looks like this, where you’ll use the blue “Click here” link to set your password:

There is a possibility you may not need to reset your password if your browser or other tech is set to do it for you. If you can log in to VOHeroes.com, you’re good to go.

2. Whitelist all of our email addresses

We send you email for lots of different things on the site, including notifications about messaging, courses, new Labs and so much more. And adding the email addresses we send from to your contacts (what the techies call “whitelisting”) will help insure those emails end up in your inbox, rather than Spam, Promo, Junk, Social, Updates etc.

Happily, the folks at Sumo.com (who we LOVE) have an article that shows you exactly how to do it. Check it out here: https://sumo.com/stories/whitelist-email

Please add the email addresses for our site and our coaching/support team listed below to your email contacts – if you have a contact for me already, just add all of them to my contact as additional email addresses (in Gmail, you want to add these addresses to your Gmail Contacts, with Apple Mail, it’s the Address Book or Contacts app, but whatever other email system you might use, add these to that email service’s contact list):

3. Bling out your member profile

Give everyone a face to match to the voice! Add a profile photo and a cover photo to your profile, and pick a nickname. Just choose Edit from your Profile menu:

NOTE: if you get an error when trying to your profile photo, it’s likely because it’s too large of a file. We only need a tiny thumbnail, so the file you should upload should be a small, 100×100 pixel or so JPEG file of just your face, not your humungous 8 GB suitable-for-printing-at-1200-DPI full body shot.

4. Request access to the private Pro-only groups

I want to give you complete access to the areas on the site where all the Pro-only content is, but the system requires that you ask for access to them.

To do so, go to each group and look for a big blue REQUEST ACCESS button.

Then, click on it to request access in the three main VOHeroes resource and discussion areas, linked with icons on the left sidebar, labeled Workouts, ProConnect, and Labs:

The Workouts area is where you’ll register for your monthly live on-mic and business building workouts. There’s also a vault of recordings of all past workouts for you to review and listen to.

This is our private, professional Pros-only discussion group, where you’ll go to post questions, ask for advice, get answers and help yourself and your fellow Pros master their VO practices. I and your coaches are right there with you. Make this the first place you post when you have any questions about the curriculum or the VO business in general. Don’t send me individual emails asking for support that should be posted here, so everyone can benefit from the question and the answer.

This is where we store individual demonstration videos for many of the skills we teach in the courses, and I put them all in one location so you don’t have to remember which course and less they are in. Just go here, and search for what you want (we’ll show you how in your first course).

5. Once approved, sign up for this month’s Workouts

ONCE YOU’RE APPROVED FOR THE WORKOUTS AREA, JUMP RIGHT IN AND SIGN UP FOR THIS MONTH’S EVENTS. I want you to get started right away, even if you’re just starting your courses. You’ll be signing up for two events EVERY MONTH:

  1. the workout of your choice with whatever coach you want, and
  2. the ProConnect Live accountability and support session.

NOTE: It’s important to do this for even this month’s first Workout, and even if you don’t have your equipment set up and balanced yet. We want you to join in the fun as soon as you can.

It’s a great idea to set a reminder on your calendar or date-based to-do list for the 1st of every month to do this.

6. Introduce yourself to your fellow Pros in ProConnect, and post there when you have questions

Once you get approval to join the ProConnect discussion group, post a new discussion topic, saying hello, telling the rest of the community who you are, where you are in your journey, and a bit more about yourself. Click or tap on the ProConnect link on the sidebar:

Get in the habit of posting in ProConnect first whenever you have any questions about the course content, your equipment, your software, your business, your mindset…anything having to do with the curriculum of VO. Only send me or support email when it’s something having to do with your account. I’ll remind you if you forget.

7. Download your digital bonuses

Here are the digital bonuses from your registration. Download them by clicking on each one’s link.

If there is a link missing, I may still be working on getting each item uploaded or transferred over from the old VO2GoGo site. Let us know what it is, and we’ll get it to you.

8. Watch for a couple of deliveries

You’ll be getting any equipment that may have been part of your registration package from Amazon (or directly from me), and you’ll be getting an envelope from me personally. Be on the lookout!

9. Get your copy of Rehearsal® Pro, and be ACCURATE WITH YOUR ITUNES EMAIL ADDRESS

Send me an email at [email protected] and tell me what the correct and proper email address is for your Apple iTunes account – it may not be the one you use most often, but it’s the one needed to get you your copy of Rehearsal® Pro. As soon as you do, I’ll go to the App Store, purchase your copy and gift you the app.

It is important that you are absolutely accurate with this email address. Apple does not allow me to simply send a free copy of the app to you. I purchase every copy and gift it to each new incoming Pro, and it costs me $20 each to do that, with no refunds allowed. Please make sure that what you send me is your true and accurate AppleID email address, the one you use to log in to your iTunes account.

Note that Rehearsal® Pro is not available for any other operating system than iOS (iPhone/iPad only), so it’s not available for Android, Mac, or Windows.

10. Get your copy of AudioCupcake (Mac users only)

Note that AudioCupcake is not available for any other operating system than MacOS (Macintosh computers only), so it’s not available for Android, iOS, or Windows.

All you have to do is to send me an email (separately from the Rehearsal® Pro email you may have sent above) at [email protected] and let me know the following (copy and paste the points below into your email):

  1. you’re a Mac user,
  2. you want a premium copy of AudioCupcake
  3. what version of MacOS you’re currently running (you can find that by clicking on the Apple menu in any Mac app and choosing the first item, About This Mac).

As soon as you do that, I’ll send you your coupon code to unlock the Premium version, as well as instructions for downloading and installing it.

11. Schedule any private workout you were offered WHEN YOU’RE READY

If a private coaching session was part of your membership offer, you can schedule it now (or save it for later). Just send me an email at [email protected] and tell him what days and times are good for you, and we’ll compare calendars and get your session set up.

If you want to use that hour to talk about your equipment, wait until you have your equipment in hand before arranging for that (and give it a shot at setting things up yourself, as shown in the Mastering Home VO Gear class), so I can help you with any details involved in tweaking your equipment setup.

12. Keep us on our toes and help keep VOHeroes.com awesome

You’re automatically a member of the group linked above in the top menu, Site Feedback.

As you work with the resources on the site, be on the lookout for errors, typos and things you think could be clearer. Then, be sure to click that Site Feedback link, and post anything you think we should update as individual discussions in that forum.

13. Grab your 7 free hours on Pozotron

You’ll be learning a lot about audiobooks very soon, and part of that training will be how to use Pozotron to “proof-listen” to your narration work, and how to correct the errors Pozotron finds.

You’re going to need to sign up for Pozotron to do that, and we’ve arranged for 7 free hours of Pozotron usage to get you started. Just click the button below to create a Pozotron account and redeem those hours.

14. Finished with all this “paperwork”? Awesome! Start with your first course: VOHeroes 101

Once you get everything on this page taken care of, start your VOHeroes Pro journey with VOHeroes 101, a course we’ve created just to help you use the VOHeroes.com site like the Pro that you are. If you’ve got a question about how something works on VOHeroes.com, it’s probably spelled out and demonstrated in this course.

We also keep VOHeroes 101 updated as we improve the way things work on the site, so go back to it if you forget how to do something or if something doesn’t work the way it should (and if we haven’t covered that thing you’re trying to do, let us know so we can add a “how-to” to the VOHeroes 101 lessons).

At the very beginning of the course, you’ll be asked if you’re sure you’re in the right place, and if maybe you wanted to join another one of our free courses: YES, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Go ahead and take VOHeroes 101. Here’s a link to it: https://voheroes.com/courses/voheroes-101/

Ready? Let’s get going!

If you have any questions, be sure to post them in the ProConnect discussion group.

If you’ve got a more private question, and you’re not yet a member of ProConnect, send me an email at [email protected].