When it really matters, get private coaching.

Auditions. Demo prep. Agent meetings. Producer sessions. Whatever matters most.

Private coaching and group coaching

We offer group coaching sessions, called workouts, as part of our full teaching curriculum offerings.

But sometimes, you need one-on-one help. Someone to personalize the time, and give you customized guidance on the performance you’re preparing.

  • Learning self-direction by being directed? We can help.
  • Got a big audition? We can help.
  • Tackling a new accent or dialect? We can help.
  • Got a meeting with an agent? We can help.
  • Getting prepared to produce a demo? We can help (and we can produce your demos as well).

Any of these sound like you? We can be your personal coaching and support team.

Heroic VO coaching. From heroic VO coaches.

David H. Lawrence XVII


[Meet David] Creator of the VOHeroes voiceover curriculum. Leads the live VOHeroes in-person Burbank monthly workout, as well as one of the live online monthly workouts. You’ll see David as the curriculum’s video/audio instructor

Trevor Algatt


[Meet Trevor] Leads the VOHeroes Hollywood workout, as well as one of the live online monthly workouts. Writer. Musician. Podcaster. Actor. Trevor’s masterful production of animation VO demos is legendary.

Karen-Eileen Gordon


[Meet Karen-Eileen] Voice talent. On-camera actor. Healer. Entrepreneur. Psychic with killer spread sheets. Takes our clients on deep journeys when coaching.

J. Rodney Turner


[Meet J. Rodney] Father. Farmer. Former Federal ATC. Voice talent. Narrated and produced over 120 audiobooks in the first three years he was narrating.

Max and Victoria Smart


[Meet Max & Vic] Based at the Find Your Voice Center, our newest coaches lead live Zoom workouts, both in-person and online.

Want private coaching?

Let’s go, hero.