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  1. Ask your voice over related questions here. What worries you about VO? What’s stopped you from doing voice over in the past? What are you most concerned about? Do you have questions about the business? The technology? Performing? Are audiobooks or animation your thing, and you just don’t know how to get started? Here’s your chance to ask your questions below, and I’ll answer them during the class.

    1. Hello David,
      First, I would like to thank you for your investment in us. Next, I am looking into getting started in VO and have always wondered what is the best computer and program to invest in to get started, as well as, what is the best microphone to invest in when getting started in VO? I am a person who doesn’t mind putting in the work and investment, but if I’m not sure about the steps to take and the best equipment to invest in, then I get overwhelmed with questions and I don’t know where to start and then I become paralyzed and don’t move forward.
      Thank you again,

  2. My current challenge is to lower my ‘noise floor’ in my room. It would be temporary as I’ll be moving into a larger room we’re building out in my house. Appreciate your feedback. Also any advice on interfaces…thanks

  3. I am involved in audiobooks, and I found that more publishers are saying that they only want narrators that can do Punch and Roll. I have not used it up to this point. Can they tell you that you have to use it to work with them? Even if you edit well without it? Thanks!

  4. Can you provide me with a bare bones list of the items needed to do an acceptable Vo recording?

  5. Hello David. My primary area is audiobooks, but I would really like to do other long form narration like documentaries, eLearning, and audio tours. Aside from the P2P sites, where else can I find work in these areas?

  6. Thank you for your generosity. I appreciate the dedication you have to your craft and your desire to share your knowledge to help others find their way.

  7. May I share this email with my Theater professor so she can share it with her current students? (I know it says ‘open to everyone’ but I don’t want to overstep.) Gotta thank you again for the fabulous ACX Masterclass!

  8. Hi David – I did not get the confirmation email for the Getting Started in VO in the AI world and nothing in any other folders but I am looking for to your series. I also have a question about AI. In recent weeks many actors have publicly come forward and said that they were digitally scanned and their images and were used without their knowledge or consent. What should new VO actors look for in their contracts to protect themselves? Thanks for all your work and time helping actors.

  9. Hi David. Thank you for everything you have done for me in the past as well as in the present. Relative to doing audiobooks through ACX, what is the largest amount of auditions that you are aware of were submitted before a VO actor got a book to narrate/produce? In addition to the worst scenario, what is a typical amount of auditions submitted before a newbie would get a narration/production chance? In case you are wondering, I am 0 for 12.

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