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VOHeroes 101

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  1. A VOHeroes Welcome
    Real quick...are you sure you're in the right course?
  2. A quick tour of
    2 Topics
  3. Adding and updating your profile and cover photo
  4. More than a VO talent: how to become a clients' VO hero
    3 Topics
  5. The VOHeroes strategy: art + commerce + science + mindset
  6. The VOHeroes tactics: courses + workouts + coaching + labs + discussion + articles
    10 Topics
  7. Working with the site
    How to get help and support
    6 Topics
  8. How purchases and subscriptions work on the site
    4 Topics
  9. Registration and logging in
    2 Topics
  10. How to communicate: Pro Connect, Messaging and Notifications
    4 Topics
  11. How to take VOHeroes courses
    13 Topics
    1 Quiz
  12. How to attend VOHeroes workouts
    5 Topics
  13. Courses, workouts and other resources
    How to search the VOHeroes resources
    2 Topics
  14. How to get your demos produced by VOHeroes
    3 Topics
  15. How to get private one-on-one VOHeroes coaching
  16. The VOHeroes Affiliate Partner program
  17. Get your certificate and get going
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NOTE: This lesson contains content that may only be applicable to active VOHeroes Pro members.

PROS ONLY The ProConnect Live workout is a specialized workout that you should make time to attend each month. It is included in your Pro or Pro Emeritus membership, and is crucial in helping you with the business side of your voice over practice.

In that same list of workout summaries you see when you visit the Workouts + link, you’ll find near the bottom of the list, one called ProConnect Live:


Be sure to register for that when you’re registering for your on-mic workout, and be ready for some great guidance on your business, the tech, and the mindset of your voice over work.

There’s no on-mic work in the ProConnect Live workout, but there is plenty of discussion regarding your business and how to run it better.

The format is as follows

  • Introduction
  • Individual victories (voluntary)
  • Two-minute updates (mandatory)
  • 3-2-1 Homework
  • Q&A/Discussion/Issues
  • #1 Takeaways
  • Administrative content/wrap up

After an introduction, your coach will ask if anyone has any victories to share. This is voluntary, and the victory you share doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be something you’re glad happened. A booking, a call back, a strategy implemented, even a moment when you realized you were doing things better than you did before.

Then, the heart of the workout: your two minute update, where you refer to written notes you’ve prepared (it’s very important that you write these notes down, so you respect the time limit we place on all attendees – your coach will be running a timer, and will let you know if you’re running over). The updates usually consist of 60 seconds on what happened in your voice over practice in the past month, and 60 seconds on what you have planned in the next month.

We then give you a reminder about being organized with your goal-setting, with a 3-2-1 Homework summary, just to keep you on track.

After everyone has given their updates, we open the discussion to anything you want to talk about regarding your voice over practice. If you’ve got questions about a new website, something that ACX is now doing, an issue with a client, billing and pricing, your challenges when it comes to your mindset…whatever you’d like to discuss, ask questions about and get help from your peers and coaches. You can also offer your opinions about things in the industry and issues that have come up that you’d like advice on resolving. This is the time for you to share and support your fellow student.

Finally, we ask what your #1 takeaway was from the session, and we wrap up with any administrative information your coach needs to share.

Again, this workout is open to all active Pro and Pro Emeritus students, and only occurs once a month, and is online via Zoom. Don’t forget to sign up for it at the same time that you sign up for your on-mic workout.


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