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VOHeroes 101

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  1. A VOHeroes Welcome
    Real quick...are you sure you're in the right course?
  2. A quick tour of
    2 Topics
  3. Adding and updating your profile and cover photo
  4. More than a VO talent: how to become a clients' VO hero
    3 Topics
  5. The VOHeroes strategy: art + commerce + science + mindset
  6. The VOHeroes tactics: courses + workouts + coaching + labs + discussion + articles
    10 Topics
  7. Working with the site
    How to get help and support
    6 Topics
  8. How purchases and subscriptions work on the site
    4 Topics
  9. Registration and logging in
    2 Topics
  10. How to communicate: Pro Connect, Messaging and Notifications
    4 Topics
  11. How to take VOHeroes courses
    13 Topics
    1 Quiz
  12. How to attend VOHeroes workouts
    5 Topics
  13. Courses, workouts and other resources
    How to search the VOHeroes resources
    2 Topics
  14. How to get your demos produced by VOHeroes
    3 Topics
  15. How to get private one-on-one VOHeroes coaching
  16. The VOHeroes Affiliate Partner program
  17. Get your certificate and get going
Lesson 11, Topic 9
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