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VOHeroes 101

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  1. A VOHeroes Welcome
    Real quick...are you sure you're in the right course?
  2. The VOHeroes Mission and Ethos
    Why become a client's VO...hero?
    2 Topics
  3. Strategy: the four keys
  4. Tactics: how you'll learn
    12 Topics
  5. Working with the site
    A deeper dive into
    6 Topics
  6. How to get help and support
    5 Topics
  7. Managing your VOHeroes Pro membership
    5 Topics
  8. How to communicate: Pro Connect, Messaging and Notifications
    4 Topics
  9. How to take VOHeroes courses
    10 Topics
    1 Quiz
  10. Courses, workouts and other resources
    How to attend VOHeroes workouts
    5 Topics
  11. How to search the VOHeroes resources
    2 Topics
  12. How to get your demos produced by VOHeroes
    3 Topics
  13. How to get private one-on-one VOHeroes coaching
  14. The VOHeroes Affiliate Partner program
  15. Get your certificate and get going
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The VOHeroes coaching philosophy

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When you attend any workout, your coach is there to support and guide you through the process of step-by-step improvement of your voice over practice.

That means employing our definition of success: doing more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Defending the success of your career

A coach’s job is more than just giving you adjustment and guidance in the performance of your art, as in your voicing of the clips you select for each month’s workout.

It’s much bigger than that.

Our team is here to integrate all four keys and the best of breed processes and ideas that can help you build a better practice, and to also watch for potential pitfalls in your strategies and planning.

Whether your coach helps steer your toward the positive, or away from the negative, our goal is to help assure you become skilled in practices that enable you to move forward in your journey as a VO talent, and to also defend you against those practices that don’t serve you.

Let’s meet your VOHeroes coaches.


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