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VOHeroes 101

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  1. A VOHeroes Welcome
    Real quick...are you sure you're in the right course?
  2. The VOHeroes Mission and Ethos
    Why become a client's VO...hero?
    2 Topics
  3. Strategy: the four keys
  4. Tactics: how you'll learn
    12 Topics
  5. Working with the site
    A deeper dive into
    6 Topics
  6. How to get help and support
    5 Topics
  7. Managing your VOHeroes Pro membership
    5 Topics
  8. How to communicate: Pro Connect, Messaging and Notifications
    4 Topics
  9. How to take VOHeroes courses
    10 Topics
    1 Quiz
  10. Courses, workouts and other resources
    How to attend VOHeroes workouts
    5 Topics
  11. How to search the VOHeroes resources
    2 Topics
  12. How to get your demos produced by VOHeroes
    3 Topics
  13. How to get private one-on-one VOHeroes coaching
  14. The VOHeroes Affiliate Partner program
  15. Get your certificate and get going
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The VOHeroes Workouts

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NOTE: This lesson contains content that may only be applicable to active VOHeroes Pro members.

PROS ONLY Every month for active VOHeroes Pros and Pros Emeritus, you have your choice of each of several live workouts, online via Zoom.

These workouts let you put what you’ve learned in the courses to work (which may be why we call them workouts…), and to deeply explore ways to sharpen your VO performance skills and grow your business.

Workouts are not open to non-Pro members.

Workouts are open for registration on the first of the month

Beginning on the first day of each month, you get the opportunity to schedule yourself for any workout you choose. Although the workouts usually occur in the last 10 days or so of the month, it’s a good idea to have a bias for action and get your workout scheduled as soon as you’re able to align your schedule.

ITEM FOR YOU: Set a reminder for the first of every month to register for the workout of your choice.

What happens in workouts

In your live workout,, you’ll set aside a couple of hours to work with your coaches and your fellow VOHeroes on the art, the commerce, the science and the mindset of your voice over practice. These are called Workouts because you workout…on mic.

For the workouts, you’ll meet online via Zoom, the online meeting and conferencing service. You’ll get to ask questions…discuss industry topics…and work with copy and get immediate feedback and direction from your coach.

And there’s one special online Zoom workout each month that everyone attends at the same time: the once-a-month ProConnect Live workout. More on that in a moment.

First, since your coaches will be an integral part of your workout experience (and you might even be doing private coaching with them), let’s take a little trip and look at the VOHeroes’ coaching philosophy and who your coaches are

Then we’ll show you how to register for a Workout.


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  1. What happens if you schedule a workout and then book work or something else that prohibits attendance? Can you reschedule, if there are still open slots on another day?

    1. I’m not sure what you’re asking – if you can reschedule to a later session please do so, but scheduling two in one month requires that you use the option of paying for any additional workouts at What you can’t do is “make up” the missed session in a later month. We give you 7 different workout option – here’s hoping you’re working so much you can’t schedule any of them. 🙂