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VOHeroes 101

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  1. A VOHeroes Welcome
    Real quick...are you sure you're in the right course?
  2. A quick tour of
    2 Topics
  3. Adding and updating your profile and cover photo
  4. More than a VO talent: how to become a clients' VO hero
    3 Topics
  5. The VOHeroes strategy: art + commerce + science + mindset
  6. The VOHeroes tactics: courses + workouts + coaching + labs + discussion + articles
    10 Topics
  7. Working with the site
    How to get help and support
    6 Topics
  8. How purchases and subscriptions work on the site
    4 Topics
  9. Registration and logging in
    2 Topics
  10. How to communicate: Pro Connect, Messaging and Notifications
    4 Topics
  11. How to take VOHeroes courses
    13 Topics
    1 Quiz
  12. How to attend VOHeroes workouts
    5 Topics
  13. Courses, workouts and other resources
    How to search the VOHeroes resources
    2 Topics
  14. How to get your demos produced by VOHeroes
    3 Topics
  15. How to get private one-on-one VOHeroes coaching
  16. The VOHeroes Affiliate Partner program
  17. Get your certificate and get going
Lesson 10, Topic 2
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How to subscribe to ProConnect discussions

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NOTE: This lesson contains content that may only be applicable to active VOHeroes Pro members.

PROS ONLY It’s extremely important to make sure you’re Subscribed to the ProConnect discussion group. Doing that will allow the system to email you when someone tags you in a discussion, or replies to something you’ve posted.

Subscribing to the ProConnect group means you will get email notifications of any activity on the VOHeroes site that is relevant to you. To subscribe:

  1. Click or tap on the ProConnect discussion group icon on the left hand menu bar. It looks like two talk balloons on top of one another.
  2. Immediately click on the Subscribe button next to the New Discussion button above the list of discussions.

That’s it! That will keep you up to date.


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