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Before we get started: Step 1 of 2

I’m SO glad you’re here…and I can’t wait to share with you the building blocks you need to make voice over a successful, satisfying and profitable venture for you.

I have two things I need you to do to make sure this is a smooth experience. The first one is to make sure you’ve got a free VOHeroes account, and that you’re logged in.

Step 1 of 2: Make sure you are logged in to a VOHeroes account

The lessons in all of our courses are in a particular order, so that you build on your knowledge and expertise with every lesson you take and then complete.

To make sure you can track your progress and move smoothly from one lesson to the next, there’s one more important step to make sure you’ve taken care of (and then, we’ll get to the good stuff!)

Let’s make sure you’ve created your free account here on VOHeroes. To do that, let’s check to see if you either

  • already have an account and are signed in, or
  • already have an account and need to sign in, or
  • need to create an account.

Look up at the top of the browser window. Does it say your name, show a few icons and generally look like you’re logged in with an account, like this?

The VOHeroes menu bar will look like this if you’re logged in.

If so, you’re all good to go, and you can ignore the rest of this step. Just scroll down to the end of this lesson and click or tap on the Mark Complete button to move on to the next lesson.

But…maybe it look like this, with the words “Sign in” and the button labeled “Sign up” instead of your name?

If you know you’ve already created an account on VOHeroes before, you’ll need to sign in. But if you’ve never created an account, you need to do so. It’s free.

Either click on Sign in, and log in to the site with an account you already have, or, if you need to, click on Sign up and create your free account.

Until you do that, the Mark Complete button at the bottom of every lesson won’t show up…and you need it to.

So…take care of that, then come back here to continue on!