Getting Started In Voice Over

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Video 2: More on The First Key to Voice Over: Art

Leave a comment, and ask any question about voice over you have below.

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  1. The second lesson! After you’ve watched the video, please ask questions!

    What has always been a problem for you when it comes to VO?

    What confuses you about it? What worries you about it?

    What makes you really frustrated when it comes to being a VO talent?

    I’ll read them all, and respond to as many as I can – and I’ll try to answer the best questions in the next video.

    1. I thank you so much! And how is it that you do learn? Visually? Aurally? With text? I ask because I purposely designed the courses to use all three (and a few more) formats, to make sure there was variety in how the information is delivered.

  2. You are always bang on with your comments, David. Mindset is a HUGE part of this and so often I am my own worst enemy. Keep this good stuff coming!!
    PS. I appreciated your solid (and very kind) reply to my comment yesterday.

    1. The good stuff is still coming, for sure – when I started this, I thought it might top out at an hour and a half – but it’s looking more like 5 hours or more. And you’re welcome!

  3. David:

    Love these videos!!

    Been following you and Dan for years. Retired from radio after 49 years at the end of 2012. Still doing contract work – one day a week – for my last employer for whom I worked full-time for 37 years! Now warming up to the idea that I might be able to put my voice back to work and you are a very kind and generous source of encouragement. Thank you.



  4. You have such an honest and kind way of approaching your content. It’s refreshing.
    Mindfulness is HUGE when it comes to VO. I think it’s exacerbated because we work in isolation so often, easy to spiral. The questions from yesterday were great and I’m looking forward to what comes up tomorrow!

  5. as usual, excellent content. but the same thing happened with these two videos. the video eventually lags behind the audio which is disconcerting. you may want to check that out. doesn’t happen at the beginning, but audio/video lose contact with each other.

    1. I appreciate the kind words, and will look into the video/audio thing – it doesn’t happen for me (or it hasn’t happened yet) – how are you watching the videos? On what device? And what browser? Is it over WiFi, or some other connectivity? I’d love to get to the bottom of this.

      1. Video 1 locked up for me near the end and now Video 2 locked up at 26:41. I’m on a Win 10 laptop hard wired to a cable modem using Chrome browser which usually gives me no trouble with videos. Rather disappointing.

        1. Sorry to hear that, Tom. I’m not sure what is going on with your playback. And I’m sorry to disappoint – when you say “locked up” – do you mean it froze? Did you try reloading the page, starting the video again and then moving the progress marker to where you previously locked up to resume playback?

  6. Really great video! Love what you said about mindset. That is my biggest struggle. Any tips on staying positive when you’re not booking anything? And how to figure out what to tweak when you have no feedback on why you’re not booking? I understand it is a marathon, but I’m starting to doubt that there is a finish line. And trying not to focus on the amount of time, energy and money this run has cost me so far. 🙂 I appreciate you as always!!

  7. this seems like really great data! does the start of my VO journey change at all if I do live in Los Angeles?

  8. I just want you to know, this series is like being given ten tons of the purest platinum in the entire world. I’m not blowing smoke, I’m serious. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly grateful I am that you’ve created this site and that you’re sharing all of your expertise. It has crystallized what I suspected from the moment I first saw your videos: You and Marc Cashman are the coaches I want…no, NEED…to be profitable in the voice over/voice artist industry. Thank you for this site and these amazing videos!

  9. Great questions in this video. Anthony’s question about repeat clients was of particular relevance to me as I was just asked to do a second job for a client. As you mentioned David, I keep in touch with this client. Thanks for the video David.

  10. This video gave me a lot to think about. I have been so narrow-minded and thinking that audiobook was the only field my voice could ever fit into. I never thought to look into industry videos or how to guides. That’s brilliant!! I am taking today (and most likely tomorrow) as a break from sending auditions. I usually send around 4-5 a day during the week on ACX, and I think it is time to start sharpening my axe, and look and see what I am doing wrong. Thank you again for this, and I am excited to see the next video!

    1. SO glad these are giving you food for thought. We tend to go with what we know, and anything outside that ruleset tends to be dismissed. I’m glad you’re looking at other options!