BONUS: Episode 1 Of 4 Of The Secrets Of Screen Acting Podcast



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

Nothing says giving thanks like giving some world class free training to your friends, students and clients.

Unless you’re also giving that free training along with an amazing package of 74 times that much training.

Today, we’re going to listen together to a full five-minute episode of the amazing Secrets of Screen Acting Podcast, with Patrick Tucker. Then, over the next three days, we’ll share three more free episodes. And I’ll tell you how you can get all 292 episodes, the book itself, and the audiobook, all for a super low price.

(That package is available now at – but only until Dec 5. Feel free to forward that link to any actor or voice talent you think would benefit. Thanks!)

Let me know what you think of Patrick’s advice in the comments below.

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