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SAT 9/5

Kat Negrete Offers Social Media Tip

Kat Negrete, an Affiliate Partner with no list, but a high-engagement social media following, offers the following tip:

“I wanted to share a Social Media tip for the fellow amazing affiliates:

Since personal, one to one connection is HUGE in this age of mass email and public posts, I think people really appreciate individualized texts and DMs.  

The beautiful thing about FB is you can see who commented and liked your post.  So I have been going through all my FB posts and individually messaging people reminding them that today is the last day all 5 free videos are available.  It’s crazy how people really appreciate it!

Just sharing in case it helps any other affiliates, although I know it’s kind of late in the game to share, sorry!”

SAT 9/5

Zoom Session Time Correction; Sales Video Posted

Thanks to eagle-eyed Affiliate Partner EdVO, I can state that I meant no ill will to our Eastern time zone Affiliate Partners…today’s Zoom session with Karen-Eileen Gordon, discussing best practices for running a live event with me, will be at 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET.

The management regrets the error.

Also, the sales video with an Early Action Bonus section (which will be removed after the Tuesday night Early Action deadline), will head the top of the registration page starting tomorrow, and is now available to you for review so you can craft your Opening Registration Day messaging around it. Just visit the Calendar and Samples page.

THU 9/3

All Five Lessons Now Produced And Available for Review; Sales Video Coming Very Soon

Just putting the finishing touches on the sales video, and I’ll make it available to you for review so you can craft your Opening Registration Day messaging around it.

All five lessons should be visible on the Calendar and Samples page.

TUE 9/1

Join Us On Zoom on Saturday 9/5 At 10 AM PT To Learn How To Maximize A Live Event With David

I’ll be holding a Zoom session with your fellow Affiliate Partner, Karen-Eileen Gordon as my guest, who recently ran a very successful Zoom webinar with me for her followers (5 out of 14 signed up for the product). We’ll look at the deck she created to help her manage the session, the different points you want to hit, how to really feature your affiliate link, and even share with you a list of questions you can ask to keep things flowing.

Here’s the link for Saturday morning at 10 AM PT: https://zoomxvii.com – that will take you right to my Zoom space. See you then!

SUN 8/30

VIDEO: How To Test That Hits/Clicks Are Being Credited To Your Affiliate Link

Your fellow Affiliate Partner John Florian of VoiceoverXTRA.com asked how to do this. So I made you a video:

FRI 8/28

Promoting On Instagram: Where Your Affiliate Link Must Appear

Instagram is a great social media network for engaging with your followers, but they’ve done an awful lot of work to make it next to impossible for you to promote anything with a simple link…unless you buy ads from them.

As an example, you can’t put a clickable link in the description or comments on any of your posts. That’s not very conducive to using your affiliate link in a post promoting this launch.

(You can do them in IG Stories, but most people don’t do that, they do IG posts).

Here’s what you need to do to get around that: Instagrammers are used to using the hashtag #LinkInBio or #linkinbio in their posts, because the one place you CAN put a clickable link is in your …bio.

But not just anywhere in your bio. The only place that a visitor can click or tap on a link is the URL you place in the Website slot in your bio.

That’s it.

So, I implore you…if you’re going to use Instagram in this launch, please put your affiliate link in your IG bio, and use the hashtag #LinkInBio. That way, you’ll actually generate some traffic and get some traction.


FRI 8/28

Negrete Rocks Engagement On Social Media

I wanted to share an awesome example of Affiliate Partner Kat Negrete totally rocking just one post on Facebook. Check out the engagement of her followers:


And notice how she started the conversation:

A simple question like that can start a conversation about VO and how to succeed that, in just 24 hours, has heavy engagement with dozens of comments and replies.


FRI 8/28

Affiliate Asks: “What are your expectations of us?”

This morning during our August workout, one of your fellow Affiliate Partners and current VOHeroes Pro Emeritus had a question: “What are your expectations of us as affiliates?”

And the question was born of a concern that she’s not very salesy.

I told her what I’ve told many of you who have asked a similar question…just be of service to your followers. I’m not trying to get you all to get cutthroat in this effort and turn it into some raving competition for conversions. I just want you to be able to offer your followers an answer to the question “What’s the best way to get into voice overs from home?”

And I hope that you can truly answer that question with “VOHeroes. And here’s a link.” That’s it.


WED 8/26

First messaging heading out; Friedman Books First Live Event

You’ve now received your first messaging information, and I can see that people are already reserving their spots for Saturday morning. Good on you!

And Barry Friedman has booked the first live event with me for the day registration begins. Barry is an experienced launcher and affiliate, and I can’t wait to talk to his followers! Be sure to reserve your event with me as your guest ASAP.


MON 8/24

VIDEO: How To Find Your Affiliate Link

I’ve added a video below on how to find your affiliate link on your Dashboard:

SUN 8/23

Your Commission Structure Explained

This is a copy of the answer given on the FAQ page, and we hope you enjoy the humor.

In a nutshell, you receive $500 for each conversion.

It’s simple.


We limit you to only 5 conversions at that commission. No more than that. Nope. Don’t ask. No exceptions. No special deals. Not even for you. We refuse to pay you $500 for anything beyond 5 sales.

But there’s a good reason for that.

It’s because your 6th conversion is worth $750. As is your 7th, 8th, 9th and beyond.

But it gets even better.

The moment you get your 6th conversion, each and every one of your conversions are then worth $750. Including those first 5. That’s right. No more $500 each for you. No way. We insist on increasing your commission for ALL of your conversions by 50%.

So, here’s a simple chart of the amounts you can receive:

1 conversion = $500 (1 x $500)
2 conversions = $1,000 (2 x $500)
3 conversions = $1,500 (3 x $500)
4 conversions = $2,000 (4 x $500)
5 conversions = $2,500 (5 x $500)
6 conversions = $4,500 (6 x $750)
7 conversions = $5,250 (7 x $750)
8 conversions = $6,000 (8 x $750)
9 conversions = $6,750 (9 x $750)
10 conversions = $7,500 (10 x $750)
15 conversions = $11,250 (15 x $750)
20 conversions = $15,000 (20 x $750)
50 conversions = $37,500 (50 x $750)
100 conversions = $75,000 (100 x $750)

…and so on.

We love paying out $750 instead of $500 per conversion. We hope we can do that for you.

THU 8/20

Affiliate Invitations Going Out; Back Office Open For Business

Today, invitations have begun to go out to those who have participated in past VOHeroes launches, and also to those who have expressed interest over the past year in being an affiliate.

If you know of someone you think might make a good fit in our Affiliate Partner program, let David know by clicking here and sending him an email.

And, as you can see, we’ve opened the doors to our Back Office, providing content, guidance and support for all Affiliate Partners. More content will be added, as we get closer to the first day of the launch, Monday, 8/31.

THU 8/20

Lesson Videos Now In Post Production

The pre-registration training lessons have been revised with new information (especially union-based VO talent information), and are being shot and post-produced in preparation for the first release on Saturday, 8/29.

You’ll be the first to see those lessons so you can use what you see to help you compose your content to be sent prior to that first lesson.

We’ll keep you…posted!