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In September, our award-winning VO training opens its doors for enrollment.

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  • Become an Affiliate Partner of the 2020 VOHeroes Pro Training launch
  • Help promote this award-winning, immersive voice over curriculum
  • Add to the impact VO training has had on over 2,800 actors’ lives
  • Help them create satisfying, successful and profitable VO practices
  • Change the lives of talent across the country and around the world
  • Share in what has been over $150,000 in commissions to our launch partners

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You’ll get all the tools you need…


Five-star Product Offering

You’re going to be promoting the latest edition of the best-reviewed VO curriculum ever created.


Day-by-Day Launch Calendar

You’ll get an easy to follow launch and promotion calendar, with dates showing exactly what to send and when.

Samples and Support

Back Office Support

You’ll gain access to a Back Office, containing effective sample email templates and social media posts that parallel exactly where you are in the launch calendar.

Generous Commissions

Generous Commissions and Prizes

Earn up to $750 per registered referral, win valuable prizes and bonus money, and get paid within 10 business days of the close of registration.

…win cash and prizes…


PRIZE POOL: An Additional $2,000 in Cash

During the launch, you’ll be able to track your performance, and we’ll be cheering you on. When all the dust settles, the top 10 performers will share in a prize pool of cash bonus payments in addition to their commission payments.


EITHER CHOOSE: 2020 Apple MacBook Pro…

This year’s grand prize for the best performing affiliate partner is a choice between the 2020 Apple MacBook Pro, which elevates the notebook to a whole new level of performance and portability. World class electronics, advanced graphics, blazing‑fast storage, TouchBar and more — all in a compact 3-pound package. Or…

WINNER'S CHOICE: David's Entire Video Studio...

…OR CHOOSE: David’s Entire Video Studio

An amazing package with every piece of gear David uses when working at home on video and online events, including:
• Panasonic G7 camera
• Panasonic 20mm Lens
• Bescor LED 3-light kit
• Bescor light stands
• Parrot Teleprompter
• PromptSmart software
• GoNine battery adapter
• Pengo 1080p capture device
• Amazon HDMI cable
• Manfrotto Element tripod
• ATR 6550 microphone
• OnStage mic stand
• Screenflow 9 (Mac) or
• Camtasia 2020 (Windows) video editing software
• 1 year subscription to
eCamm Live (Macintosh)
…and much more!

…and your followers will get all they need, too.

Students deserve voice over training that’s world-class, effective and up-to-the-moment accurate in preparing them for today’s at-home, Internet-dependent marketplace. VOHeroes teaches them the art, the science, the commerce and the mindset of voice over, not just how to make funny voices and boom like an announcer.

  • UP-TO-THE-MOMENT: VOHeroes has always been at the forefront of current VO marketplace and work-from-home developments, and this year, of all years, that perspective is crucial.
  • TRUSTED: With over 45 years in the business, David is of the most well known and most trusted coaches in the industry he works in every day, and the Pro program has won dozens of industry awards.
  • DIVERSE: With worldwide experience and the global focus, VOHeroes not only serves US talent, but has students in over 22 countries worldwide, adding a more inclusive perspective to the training.
  • COMPLETE: VOHeroes doesn’t just show students how to do voice work, we help them build their VO businesses as professional actors, keep their mindset in the game, and use the right equipment for the job.
  • SUPPORTIVE: VOHeroes not only take nearly 40 courses, but their training also includes monthly workouts, accountability sessions and a private discussion group, plus all the equipment needed included in the program. 
  • EFFICIENT: Over the past 9 years, David has honed and refined the VOHeroes platform and uses the latest technology to smoothly guide guide students through the program, to get them auditioning and working as soon as possible.

By the way…

The classes in the VOHeroes curriculum won the Backstage Magazine Award for Best VO Classes in Los Angeles…

…for five years in a row.

Jus’ sayin’.

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What’s included in the VOHeroes Curriculum

Award-winning courses, high-quality equipment, live workouts, team-led coaching, peer leadership and so much more:



From commercials to audiobooks. From demos to agents. From the tech to the mindset.


Video Lessons

Screen-recorded demos of the latest, most useful VO concepts.



Coach-supported live time behind the mic and business building.


Copy Clips

For use in the monthly workouts, geared toward the largest categories of work


Lab Videos

On-demand VO skill videos in a Pro-only library, sorted by VO category.


VO Gear

The exact same microphone, desk stand, earbuds, software and accessories David uses


Coaches and staff

A diverse team of accomplished VO professionals providing world-class feedback and support



VO-centric eBooks, auditioning software, exclusive private coaching with David and more

The VOHeroes Launch Calendar

Here are some important dates over the next three weeks so you can begin to plan your emailing, blogging, social media, and live event planning in support of the launch.

THU 8/20

Affiliate Invitation

SAT 8/29

First Free Training Lesson

TUE 9/01

Second Free Training Lesson

FRI 9/4

Third Free Training Lesson

SUN  9/6

Registration Opens

TUE 9/8

Early Action Deadline

SAT 9/12

Registration Closes at 9 PM PT

MON  9/14

Payment Plan Offered

WED 9/16

Payment Plan Deadline

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We love when our VOHeroes use their voices.
Listen as they talk about the impact of their VO training.

It’s easy to join us. And we’d love to have you.

Follow the simple steps below, and you’ll become part of our launch team as a VOHeroes Affiliate Partner for the 2020 launch.


Click any “Become A VOHeroes Affiliate Partner” button on this page and follow the short registration process. We will review to make sure it’s a fit… and once approved, we’ll give you access to a dashboard with all you need to make this the easiest and most rewarding partnership possible.


We’ll make sure you have every marketing asset you need to tell a powerful and professional story about VOHeroes to your followers. Once we’re underway, and they register for our free training via your link, you’ll get credit for sending them to us. Whether you promote VOHeroes via email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Snapchat, FB or YT events with David or anything else you dream up, we have you covered.


The more people you get to attend the special webcast training and then sign up the bigger the impact you’ll make in their lives. That spirit of service will translate into more money and prizes for you. You’ll earn a $500 commission on each student you send us that signs up (and $750 each if you send us 6 or more new students) plus other prizes and contest for participating affiliate partners. Remember, each time someone follows your lead, you help them enhance their acting career by giving them to the very best tools, strategies and tactics to succeed in today’s voice over marketplace.

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